Hikmah Kisah-Kisah Dalam Al-Quran 1 Set
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Hikmah Kisah-Kisah Dalam Al-Quran 1 Set

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Title: Hikmah Kisah-Kisah Dalam Al-Quran 1 Set ( Jilid 1 & 2)
Author: Dr. Abdul Karim Zaidan
ISBN: 978-602-8406-543 (Jilid 1) 978-602-8406-833 (Jilid 2)


The stories in the Qur'an is the true story and the best stories. In it contains the value of literature is very high, meaning that's perfect, and very great wisdom and benefits. The stories that come with bringing a very strong influence to improve the heart, charity and morality. As alluded to in his words, "We tell the story best by the Qur'an revealed this to you." (QS.Yusuf: 3)

A lot of wisdom behind the stories in the Qur'an, among them: An explanation of the wisdom and justice from God, explanation of the gift of God against those who believe, Entertainment for alaihi wa Sallam Prophet for the suffering he experienced as impaired people who reject him, the motivation for believers to be committed and in the faith, a Threat to the infidels for their disbelief, and as evidence for the validity of the treatise which brought alaihi wa Sallam Messenger of Allaah.
This book presents the stories of the prophets and messengers from Adam to his people along with Isa Alaihi Sallam. So also several individuals or groups to a variety of events they experienced, as the story of Luqman Hakim, ashab Qaryah, Qarnain Dzul, Qarun, ashab Kahf, troops of elephants, ashab Ukhdud, and other stories. The author uses a systematic thematic passages in stories that present description is presented coherently to maintain their authenticity. In addition, the lessons and wisdom that served as the cover of each story allows the reader in taking the role models that have both a strength of this book.

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